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Upcoming Shows


The People

Caleb Jones

Founder, Vocals, Guitar 

Kyle Petersen

Founder, Instruments

Cade Legat

Drums, Producer (Shame limbo, Road Trip)

Colton "Turtle" Rothaus


Producer (Story Telling, Live Room)


The Start

          Caleb Jones and Kyle Petersen sat in an upstairs room in Albania with only a little in common and 2 guitars.  They were joined by 50 or so other people, all of whom from different places with different stories and perspectives, but all singing in unison while being led by Caleb and Kyle.  This is how Convent Bonfires first started.


        In August of 2016 Caleb and Kyle started out on The World Race Gap Year, a gap year missions trip that lasts for 9 months during which the missionaries will do ministry in 3 different countries.  Caleb was from Washington state and Kyle was from Minnesota.  The 2 grew up in very different environments but both loved adventure and travel.  So, in 2016 they would set out with 50 strangers.  On this missions trip there was quite a lot of worship, and Caleb and Kyle quickly became the default worship leaders.  It was clear they were both good musicians, they would rearrange old songs into something completely new on the fly, right in the middle of there set.  As they would play together they would get more creative, and eventually would even make up entirely new songs live on the spot with no planning.


        While living in a childrens home in the Philippines they began to write original non-worship music together and Convent Bonfires started to become a reality.  When they would play they would not even talk about what they were going to do, they would simply walk in from of everyone and start playing whatever they were feeling.  No words between then about what was about to happen, no planning.  This lead to many of the best worship sessions they had seen.  

      Then in South Africa they lived in a old convent for a while, while in this convent they would often have bonfires in the back with the other 12 people they were living with (the whole squad of 50 was split up into smaller teams that would then spread out).  On one occasion they accidentally started a fire with really dry marijuana they thought was just brush.  This incident was funny, and for that reason (and mostly because it sounded cool to them) they decided on the name Convent Bonfires.  

      Story Telling was recorded early the summer after they got back to America in a friends basement near Kyle's house in Minnesota, Live Room was also recorded there.  Both of those albums were recorded in a single day (aside from the song "For Rebekah and Austin").  The duo are currently working an another album in Seattle which they hope will be out some time around April.  The first 2 singles from that album are already out!  

Contact us!

We would love to connect with you! Send us an email or message us on Facebook and we will respond as soon as we see it. 

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