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Bonfires Ep one | 2022 - 2023

This project was an idea Caleb had. He envisioned a bunch of us recording an album live around a fire, flowing from one song to the next. Originally we were going to create a comic book to go with this EP, giving the story behind these songs. Maybe we will finish that at some point. It was a fun time putting this together. Cade Legat found the location and did all the engineering to get this to sound good using just 1 take. His friend Austin shot and edited all the video, which was incredible. Those guys made this happen.  Caleb and me (Kyle), and performed by Tyler Stenson (keys, melodica), Iggy Rude (trumpet), Maddy Wolf (vocals), Kyle Petersen (mandolin, banjo, guitar, melodica), Caleb Jones (vocals, guitar), Isaac Carlin (bass), Nick Sanderlin (percussion), and Ace Engler (drums).  We had very little practice before actually recording this take, getting everyone together for the first time just days before the recording.  This is an absolutely amazing and talented group of musicians. Maddy also releases her own original music so go check that out wherever you listen.

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