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(IN)SECURITY | 2018 - 2020

      When this album started developing Caleb was living in Seattle, freshly moved back after living his senior year of high school in TX and then spending as a gap year. I was living in Georgia on the campus of Adventures in Missions thinking my life was gonna go an entirely different direction then it did. We had released Story Telling and Live Room, and didn't really know if anything else was gonna come of Convent Bonfires. Caleb would send me little demos recorded on his phone of bits of songs, and I would record bits of things I was playing as well. Eventually a couple songs came out of it and Caleb started recording with his close friend Cade Legat, those earliest studio tracks would become Shame Limbo and Road Trip. I came to visit for a month, and during that month we spent a week writing the album. We literally wrote half the album in 4 days. Then we spent the next couple weeks recording the foundations of those songs in Cade's garage. The last week we played our first show as Convent Bonfires, in a now closed coffee shop in Seattle around Capitol Hill. A year later I would visit for another month to record the last parts they needed from me. and then the fall after that I moved to Seattle and we released the album.

     We were poor, and young, and new to everything. We felt so confident in our worldviews, which were handed to us during childhood. A lot of inspiration was taken from experiencing lean times, and a lot was from wrestling with evangelicalism. 

     We released this album, played 5 or 6 shows, and then got completely shut down by COVID-19. After spending so long on this project, dreaming of bringing it to live for friends, family and strangers, we would get blocked by a disease. That first year we recorded Shaky Hands, releasing it with recording_8 in 2021. But then life got harder, and darker. The naïve but free youth that started this project had met with the reality of being a young adult today. Thus, laying the foundation for the next big project. 

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