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The People


The man, the myth, the legend


Caleb Jones

Founder, Vocals, Guitar 


I met Caleb on The World Race in 2016 and once we started jamming I knew right away I wanted to make music with him.  I have always struggled with singing, but instruments come naturally to me so Caleb and I worked well together.  We recorded the acoustic stuff all in one day but didn't do much for a while after that since we lived in two different states.  I would fly over for a month at a time and we would make stuff, but that was slow-moving.  That is how we made (IN)SECURITY.  In 2019 I moved to Seattle to do music with Caleb.  After only a few months Covid hit and shut it all down.  We used this time to craft our most ambitious project to date.  This is only the start.

Kyle Petersen

Founder, Instruments


Cade Legat

I've been friends with Caleb since high school and have always known him as a songwriter. When he left town we kept in touch and when he arrived back in the states recorded the album "Storytelling" and put it out. When I heard it I was so impressed that I contacted him and Kyle about recording some new material. As lick had it, Caleb was moving back to Seattle. We met up and started working on some new songs. I'd been producing other people's music for a few years, we were friends, and made good music together so it was a natural fit. Kyle later moved to Seattle during the recording of (IN)SECURITY album.  Since then Convent Bonfires and I have gotten to record numerous songs together, and I've gotten to play drums with the, at several shows.

Drums, Producer (in)SECURITY


[For Caleb to write]

Freakin dope dude and wild bass player


Marcel Franco



The OG, RIP Turtle.  He's not dead, he is just makin his own music now.  Cool guy.


Colton "Turtle" Rothaus

Bass, Sax 



[For Caleb to write]

Ted produced Story Telling, and Live Room.  Both were recorded in his home studio, and in 1 day.  The only song on those early acoustic albums not from that day is For Rebecca & Austin, which was recorded later at the church Ted and Kyle both played music at. It was a somewhat last-minute thing.  Caleb and Kyle both met up for a funeral (Rebecca & Austin's funeral), and Caleb was going from there to Seattle, where he was moving back to.  Caleb decided to stop by Kyle's house in Minnesota to record the songs written while the two were traveling overseas. Ted is one of the kindest guys, and when Kyle called him he immediately said yes, and recorded all those acoustic songs for free.  Ted is a musician himself and you can listen to his original music on Spotify at this link.  An amazing guy and good friend.

Producer (Story Telling, Live Room)

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