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(in)SECURITY out now!!

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Upcoming Shows


The People


Caleb Jones

Founder, Vocals, Guitar 


Kyle Petersen

Founder, Instruments


Cade Legat

Drums, Producer (in)SECURITY

Colton "Turtle" Rothaus

Bass, Sax 


Producer (Story Telling, Live Room)

Our Story

For upstart Seattle outfit Convent Bonfires, the goal is to be with people. Comprised of the eclectically creative Kyle Petersen, 24, and Caleb Jones, 23, Convent Bonfires seeks to bring unity, share stories, and seek after truth through their anecdotally-infused music. 


The strength of their music draws deeply from a friendship forged on a 2016 World Race gap year mutually embarked on by Petersen and Jones. Jones, hailing from the Seattle area, and Petersen, a native Minnesotan, found commonalities in their music taste, adventurous spirit, and faith in God as they served in their missionary roles. 


Naturally, the two found a home on the trip as the de facto worship leaders. It wasn’t long before they developed a newfound chemistry as they performed improvisational sets to stay creatively fresh. This segued into a collaboration on an original music album, and thus, Convent Bonfires was born. Deriving their name from nightly campfires outside of an old convent in South Africa, the two quickly got to work upon their return to the United States, recording the EP “Story Telling” in early 2017.


After releasing the band's first studio album (IN)SECURITY in early 2020, they were forced into a bit of a hiatus due to covid. During this time they wrote and released Shaky Hands and started on their second full-length studio album, set to release sometime early in 2021 under Gloom Chaser Records, a record label started by their good friend and producer Cade Legat.  With the restrictions ending, Convent Bonfires is stoked to start playing shows again.

Though they have a meticulous dedication to consistently creating, don’t be surprised if they stop the show in its tracks to make up a song or improvise off of an audience suggestion, furthering their dedication to make it about the people, not themselves.

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